Zero Impact Guitars is a philosophy here at Casper Guitar Technologies. We believe that there should be responsibility taken at the manufacturing level of the guitar industry to help preserve the precious tonewoods used by luthiers and master instrument builders for centuries.-

At Casper Guitar Technologies, my philosophy is, “Incredible Tone is NOT an Option, It’s a requirement”. The ultimate guitar needs to be comfortable to play. It needs to be… Natural, it needs to be Alive, it needs to have its own character.

Thats why when I decided to build the first Zero Impact Guitar back in 1986, only the finest quality exotic “Tonewoods” from around the world were selected to build my guitars. Mahogany, Black Korina, Southern Swamp Ash, Pau Ferro, Ebony, Brazilian Rosewood, Alder and American Hard Maple for the necks on some models.

All of my guitar bodies are built from 100% real solid tonewood. No Particle Board, No Plywood, No Plastics like many of the overseas mass produced models. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just not what I’m about.

I have always tried to be conservative in my usage of the natural resources involved in manufacturing processes. I use solar power to drive most low voltage lighting and computers. Re-chargeable batteries are used in some of the hand tools, others are powered by, well, hand. Thats why, by using the guidelines setup by the Forest Stewardship Council, I have developed the “eco-Axe” – An electric guitar that is built from “Smartwood” for the body, recycled steel for the bridge components and a graphite neck for sustainability. Along with my other guitars built using environmentally friendly techniques or materials, the Eco Axe is my totally eco-Friendly Model. My guitars have an incredible classic feel, they have endless sustain and are all built in a manner that is low impact on the environment. This adds an increased value to you, the guitarist.

“Guitarists all doing their part to help save the planet too!”

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