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Every 2 or 3 months or so, we would like to run some sort of a small promotion. This lets us keep our newsletter e-mailing list up to date and helps keep you informed of the monthly specials, projects and special news at Zero Impact Guitars.

This is our inaugural promotion, so thanks in advance for signing up for our newsletter.

Spring: April 30 2009 – June 22, 2009

Signup for the Zero Impact Guitars Mailing list and be automatically entered into our drawing for a complete guitar care cleaning system valued at $25.00, including –

  1. 1.    The New 2 oz Gig-bag size of the Zero Impact Guitars Eco Friendly Guitar Cleaner & Polish.

  2. 2.    The New 2 oz Gig-bag size Zero Impact Guitars Eco Friendly Fretboard Conditioner.

  3. 3.    A Cleaning & Polishing Cloth.

  4. 4.    A 3 pack of Wheat Ware Eco Friendly, Bio degradable Guitar Picks.

  5. 5.    An Environmentally friendly package of D’Addario .010 gage Guitar Strings.